Safety of Funds

Founded in 2007, TTP Norway AS has been serving traders in more than 30 countries. Its well established approach is to provide simple and transparent access to the world’s largest market, and to enshrine this within a unique network marketing structure which incentivises active promotion of this opportunity from within its own customer base.

Financial transactions for TTP Norway’s customers are typically of two types. The first type of transaction relates to the speculating in commodities or currencies using TTP Norway’s proprietary trading platform, and the gains and losses that customers may encounter when making such trades. The second type of transaction relates to commissions and bonuses paid to customers for their network marketing activities.

Trading and Back Office

Energy Trade’s trading and back office partner is Williams Corporation Ltd. When trading with Energy Trade, Williams Corporation Ltd. is responsible for accepting orders and managing the commissions payable.

Williams Corporation Ltd. has entered into an agreement with TTP Norway AS, a Norwegian company, which previously fulfilled the role that Williams Corporation Ltd. has today.

On behalf of Williams Corporation Ltd., TTP Norway AS now handles back office functions such as account funding and withdrawals for Energy Trade’s customers. All claims regarding liability will, however, remain with Williams Corporation Ltd.

Financial Transactions

All funds for Energy Trade’s customers are held in separate bank accounts for which capital is maintained in excess of the standard requirements for businesses of this type.

If Energy Trade, Williams Corporation Ltd. or TTP Norway AS were to be deemed illiquid for any reason, which is extremely unlikely, customers’ funds would remain protected and accessible to them.


Company Name: TTP Norway

Registered Address: PO Box 327, 3101 Tonsberg, Norway

License Number: 992 659 653 Telephone: +47 9345 9000