Legal Notice

Legal Notice

From time to time, and its service providers Williams Corporations Ltd. and TTP Norway AS receive enquiries from Financial Authorities about their operations and the services offered.

It is apparently not always clear the nature of this business and the services provided, but we are always happy to provide any information and clarification required. However, in some rare cases our communications fail in such a way that financial authorities occasionally misinterpret the information we provide and believe that and its service providers operate in a business sector that they do not.

In some extreme cases, the financial authorities even post a public warning indicating that we are offering services we are not actually offering. and its service providers do not offer services such as banking or futures or option trading. When any financial authority inaccurately issues warnings against offering such services, it results in negative and unjust publicity for and its service providers.

If anyone becomes aware of any unjustified warnings, please contact us immediately so that our legal department can take action and try to clarify this with the relevant authority.

You can contact the legal department at here: