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Trading with Energytrade

Why Trade Energy?

There are a number of reasons to trade Energy. It represents a unique investment and speculative opportunity. And this is important - the Energy market removes the traditional barriers that exist in other markets. This business is open 23 hours, 5 days per week, which means that you can make a trade at absolutely the right time without having to wait for the shop to open its doors.


When is the Market Open?

Since Energy is traded worldwide, the market operates 23 hours a day from Sunday night to Friday night anywhere in the world. This means that a Energy trader can basically choose his or her own hours to trade.


What is the Overnight Fee?

All positions kept overnight are subject to a maintenance fee equal to one Pip Value on open trades. This fee is added to applicable trades at 22:00 UTC (GMT). If you don’t have any open trades at this time, there is no fee.

The Overnight Fee reflects our costs in keeping trades open overnight on the international Energy and Interbank market

When applicable, the overnight fee shows in the Prm (Premium) column in the WebTrader.


What is a Swap?

During the hours when the Energy market is closed each weekend, all open trades will be closed and reopened as new trades. This means that all open Profit or Loss will be transferred from ‘Open Profit’ to your 'Balance' once a week, during the weekend.

This means that the new open trades will not have any open profit or loss at the time the market opens on Sunday evenings.

It is important to know that this operation does not change the amount of money you actually have on your account, i.e. the 'Equity'.

If the trades closed by the automatic swap process, resulted in a profit or a loss, you have not made any actual profit or loss. The "equity" is the same as no money has been added to or deducted from your account during this process.

The new trades opened by the system during the swap each weekend are therefore simply a continuation of the trades you left open when the market closed on Friday evening. Likewise, any movement after the market reopens on Sunday evening will therefore be shown as normal profit or loss on these trades.

In the Energy industry this is normally done as often as every day, and is called a "Rollover". At Energytrade, we do perform this operation to balance our accounts at the end of each week.

Lastly, the trades closed due to a swap do not count as 'normal trades' (with regard to a requirement for a minimum number of closed trades to avoid the Autoship fee), nor is any commission paid out on these swap trades until you close them yourself.


What is the ‘High Risk Reward’?

In Energy trading it is possible to earn a lot of money in a matter of minutes or hours. But beware; there is also a risk of losing. When you are able to understand how to manage the high risk that is involved in Energy trading, the reward is an enormous profit potential. It is not uncommon to double an investment in a single week when experience is put to work the right way.

Working as an Agent

How can I get started as an Agent?

The first thing to do is to register on Once you have done so, your sponsor will be in touch to give you all the help and advice you will need. You will also be invited to online meetings, where you then can invite your own contacts that are interested in Energytrade and the opportunities it offers.

Will I make money in my sleep?

Yes, you will! Two of the three income streams in Energytrade make it possible for you to generate income without any effort from you at all. It doesn`t matter if you are asleep or even on vacation. Your profits will keep coming in.

Funding and Withdrawal

How does payment with credit card work?

When you use a credit or debit card to buy a package or want to add funds to your trading account, you will first be asked to verify your account number and password. Then you are taken to a page hosted by one of our payment handling providers. Next, simply add your Mastercard or Visa card details and confirm payment. We then confirm your transaction by email instantly, provided all data provided is correct and there are no breakdowns in internet communication. All back office functions such as account funding and withdrawals for Energytrade’s customers are undertaken by a third-party provider on behalf of Williams Corporation Ltd. which is responsible for accepting orders and managing the commissions payable when trading with Energytrade. All claims regarding liability for funds and trading lies with Williams Corporation Ltd. Be aware that Williams Corporation is not responsible for any delays you experience in funding your account, so if you are concerned about having enough money to trade or to keep a trade open, be sure to fund your account well in advance of needing it!


Can I fund Autotrade with credit card?

No, all investments in Autotrade are handeled by Global Power Pte Ltd, Singapore and can only be funded by bank transfer to this company.


Can I use another person's credit card?

Use of another person's credit card for buying a package or account funding is against our terms and conditions, and is expressly forbidden. We take this position firstly due to anti money-laundering regulations, and secondly to protect your interests and those in your network. Good money management, transparency and trust are vital in our business, and we must all ensure we work according to best industry practices.


Can someone else transfer money to my account?

Due to anti money-laundering regulations we will not accept any bank transfers to another person's Energytrade account than the one we have registerred for that account.


How much does it cost to make a withdrawal?

Even though we have costs to cover when you fund your account and make withdrawals, we do not pass this charge on to you. It's much easier if you know what you have, and you get what you expect from us. However, for withdrawals of less than €150, a charge of €20 will be applied (but you will be asked to confirm acceptance of this on the withdrawal form). Your bank or card issuer may impose its charges, but we have no control over that.


How do you transfer money to me?

All money withdrawn from your Energytrade account will be transferred to the bank account you associated with your Energytrade account. If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to provide this information on Step 5 of the withdrawal process. This is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way of transfer. You will get more information about this when you request a withdrawal.


How fast do I get my money when I make a withdrawal?

Usually, bank transfers take 3-5 working days to show up in your balance.

Safety of Money

What is the Energy and Interbank market?

The larger and more creditworthy an institution is, the better its access to other market participants is. When you trade on the trading platform at Energytrade, Williams Corporation and its partners have the ability to limit their financial risk through transactions in the Energy and Interbank market with the banks with which they closely cooperate.


Where is my money kept?

Funds that you have on your trading platform are maintained in separate accounts with Union Bank of Norway, the largest bank in Scandinavia. In addition, we maintain reserve capital with the bank in excess of minimum requirements for currency brokerage houses.

Funds that you invest in Energy Autotrade are deposited and maintained with Global Power Pte Ltd, Singapore (the parent company of PowerOn etc.), which in turn deposit funds for trading with brokers and banks in the energy and interbank market to allow trading the algorithm.


How do I get help if I need it?

If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor, or send an email to


Is this a pyramid scheme? Is it legal?

Energytrade is not a pyramid scheme.

There is a big difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes. Energytrade is a network marketing company, which means that we pay out commissions to our agents rather than spending a lot of money on traditional marketing.

Pyramid schemes are very different. In most cases, there is no real benefit to the new participant in paying money. There is no product or service being created, it`s just moving money from one person to the next and the new participant is the loser until he/she finds others to extract money from. With Energytrade, everyone can make money, regardless of whether they bring in new people or not.


How Much Can I Make?

There is little to limit your money-making potential with Energytrade. There are actually 3 different ways to make money, some of them without doing any work. Learn more details at Make Money.


How Much Can I Lose?

You have a live and a demo trading account. When you start trading on your live account, you will see that this is the account into which all of your earnings and profit are paid into (as set out on the Make Money page).

When you trade on this account it is not possible to lose more than you have in the account. Our systems will automatically close all trades if the balance on the account should hit zero.

Close or Move Your Account

How do I close or move my account?

If you want to close or move your account, this is all you need to do:

Close it

If you have not funded your account yet, just contact support and ask us to close your account.

If you have already funded your account but want to close it, make sure you withdraw your funds first, and then contact support. In this case, your account will occupy a position in the previously chosen network, but it will be deactivated.


Move it

If you have not funded your account yet, but want to move it to another position in the network, just create a new account under your preferred sponsor and fund that one. Your ‘old', unfunded account will not occupy any position in the network.